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I work with the languages of drawing and painting and my conceptual aims find their shape through figuration. Fluency and rythm are my main interests at the present.



The fluency of the pictorial matter on the surface that creates a two-dimensional stain and the effort for stress it towards volum.



The visual rythms wich are in the reality and make more visible their vitality.






Sensuality is the main theme in my works, by still lifes and human bodies. The source often comes from images of publicity and of social networks, which, under the innocent appearance of consumer goods, have sex direct allusions, subtly, explicit or ambiguous, and arouse our sexual desire, much more than what was usual in a life in a pre-technological world.



Decontextualizing and transforming fragments of these images or of the reality itself, my paintings and drawings create a poetic language. I built an exhibition setting that favors silence and contemplation away from the contemporary visual noise in order to seek some meaning worth sharing.

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